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A place to breathe.

When I first started yoga, I had lots of doubts whether it is something for me or not. I am a really communicative person, so even the thought of sitting in a meditative posture quietly for ten minutes scared me. Before my first yoga class I was so sure that I would propably be bored and not challenged enough. In my view it was another relaxing activity I could potentially fill my day with.

I have never been that wrong in my life. After my first (Vinyasa) yoga class I was sweating, but calm at the same time. My breath was quick but I wasn’t gasping for air. I knew I didn’t want to lose that connection with my mind, my breath and my body. This calmness inside of you, that knowledge about yourself that comes with each breath that you take – this is it. This is yoga.


“Yoga is the removal of the fluctuations of the mind.” (Yoga Sutras: I, 2) – Patanjali

Yoga is a skillfull activity to bring harmony to body and mind. I aim to share my passion for this ancient knowledge by teaching classes – in person and online –  as well as writing a blog with lots of tips for yoga, lifestyle, recipes and health. Yoga can be incorporated into our daily lives without having to change everything we love about our modern digital lifestyle.  

There are no requirements for starting with yoga. Yoga heals the body and mind – it is not something that should be subjected to any sort of competition.

Get healthy, happy and ready for your life as you picture it today!


BA, BSc Julia Molnar

"Passionate, active yogi that gets inspired by life each and every day."

I've studied theatre, film and media studies at the University of Vienna as well as information technologies and telecommunications at the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna. I was always so interested in various things to express myself and to see the world from different points of view. That is probably why I have a make-up artist certificate as well as 3 published books.

However I always felt that I wanted to do something with my body, since I have been active my whole life. I started to dance at the age of 4 trying several styles ranging from Hip Hop to Ballroom Dancing. Afterwards I got interested in Pole Dancing, Aerial Hoop and Aerial Silk. I loved all of those forms of movement but I never quite felt connected to my body. Sometimes I had the feeling that I had to ignore pain in my body in order to get ahead in my training.

Then I coincidentally discovered yoga in a Spa hotel in Vietnam. I instantly fell in love with the connection between mind, movement and breath. After 2.5 years of training on my own and in various yoga studios with teachers, I decided to make this wonderful way of life my career. In 2018 I completed my "200 hour Multi Style Yoga Training" by Yoga Alliance in Rishikesh, India.
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