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My fitness journey

I was always very active, in my free time I used to dance and I did pole dancing, practiced aerial hoop and aerial silks. So I love to move and I like a challenge. I’ve always dreaded a whole day of sitting around doing things on the computer that meant nothing to me personally.

After a while on a holiday I’ve discovered yoga. This harmony between body and soul really healed me inside and out. I decided to go to India for a month to get my teacher’s certificate. At first I wasn’t really planning on making a career out of this.

Then I taught my first yoga class after I’ve returned at my workplace. It was magic. I thought that I finally hit home. I knew back then, that I needed to change my life. There was something bigger out there for me to hold on to.

I felt free now, so I quit my old job and got into an education for a health and ftness trainer. I’ve applied and successfully got a job as a health and fitness trainer at Mrs Sporty Flordisdorf.

 This is such a nice environment and I feel so warm and welcomed there thanks to my team and my customers. Also I started to work more on a self-employed basis.

So was that it? No! Passion turns to pressure and pressure lead to disease. Never in my life I have been so stressed before. This got me thinking… if 60% of my day is to worry about money, rush to another client, plan marketing campaigns that don’t succeed, my new life did not differ at all from my past life. Except, I earned far less and had no time for friends and family. 

The next step was one of the most difficult ones in my life: I changed career one more time.

I will write books again. I will only teach classes that I want to teach from the bottom of my heart and I will practice what I preach – calmness! 

BA, BSc Julia Molnar

"Yogi that tries to practice what she preaches - calmness."

I've studied theatre, film and media studies at the University of Vienna as well as information technologies and telecommunications at the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna. I was always so interested in various things to express myself and to see the world from different points of view. That is probably why I have a make-up artist certificate as well as 3 published books.

I instantly fell in love with the connection between mind, movement and breath that yoga gifts to its practioneer. After 2.5 years of training on my own and in various yoga studios with teachers, I decided to make this wonderful way of life my career. In 2018 I completed my "200 hour Multi Style Yoga Training" by Yoga Alliance in Rishikesh, India. I started teaching group fitness classes whilst completing my health and fitness trainer education at Vital Akademie in Vienna. In addition to that I am a certified INSANITY Live fitness coach by Beachbody Live. Now focussing on calmness and further spiritual and ethical education, writing books as well as working in a technical field once again. Recently she started the vegan YouTube Channel sweetFruitKiss.
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