Essential oils

I actively use essential oils in all different areas of my life. They are a great tool to introduce more calmness, wellness and focus in your life and in your yoga practice. I use the following doterra oils regularly.

Lavender – This in a diffuser helps me to relax at night and ease into sleep more easily. Just a view drops in the diffuser and your can sleep like a baby.

On Guard – No time for the flu. Whenever I feel sick, I take just one drop of On Guard mixed into a big glass of milk. It helps my immune system before some fever situation even occurs.

Arise, Anchor, Align – 3 oils that individually help you with your yoga practice. Sometime I even mix those according to the mood of my yoga pracitice or class in the diffuser, or if I like to use it during meditation I place one drop of the chosen oil on my third eye.

Deep Blue: another essential oil mixure that helps greatly with muscle soreness and tight shoulders from sitting in the office all day. 

All of these oils and more  can be found on my site on doterra.

Get your free advice Skype session with me on how to incorporate essential oils into your wellness life, your yoga practice and fitness life. 

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