What are your personal goals?

Do you have injuries or pain that you need to work through?

Do you fancy a fitter and healthier body?

Do you need to get rid of stress?

Do you ask yourself how to incorportate yoga into your busy everyday schedule?

I might just have an answer for you! Check out this online service.

Do Yoga, change your life

This service was especially designed to help you to incorporate yoga into your life efficiently. I take into consideration all the important factors that shape your everyday life. May that be injuries (past and present), goals, preferred yoga style – you tell me want you need to get out of your yoga routine and I will provide you with a personalized yoga regime just for you.


How to get your personal yoga regime?

Hit that green “Get me started” button and drop me an E-mail containing the following information:

Name, age, gender, past or/and present injuries, personal goal, preferred yoga style, how long you have practiced yoga and any additional information that I might need to know.


Sign up now for only 100€.

This includes me assessing your goal and creating your personal yoga routine. You will get video material worth 3 customized yoga classes to have a clear step by step walkthrough showing and explaining each part of your new yoga routine. In addition to that after a two week trial period of the new yoga regime, you have the opportunity to schedule a Skype call with me to talk about needed adjustments to the routine. After another four week period we will assess your progress in another Skype call. You will get further tips on how to continue your success story by yourself.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up! I am looking forward to working with you!
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