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Small group yoga class of 4 people

Would you like to pratice yoga with a set topic in a small group of 4? Would you like to practice yoga with your friends and family only?

Get in touch!

Where: Schaumburgergasse 12/1a, 1040 Wien
When: Totally flexible! Will all be arranged according to your schedule and my schedule of course 😉

Group fitness classes for fitness studios

Would you like to book a motivated fitness trainer for your group fitness courses at the gym?

I am right here for you!

Schedule private class

Would you like to have a private yoga session or fitness session according to your needs, interests and wishes.

Get the most out of your lesson!

Featured section

Check out my favorite fitness and yoga brands and maybe a nice discount code is waiting for you. 🙂

Join my group classes

Fitness and yoga are more fun when enjoyed together. Currently I'm offering:
Hatha yoga
Insanity Live
Bodyworks (Functional Training)
Step and Tone (Aerobics)

Virtual training

Would you like to join the workout or the yoga class in the comfort of your own home? Then go online and join my virtual class. Get the most out of your fit life!

fall in love with yoga

A healthy lifestyle

Yoga, pranayama, meditation and a healthy diet. All the tips for a healthy and happy lifestyle where you live in harmony with your body and your soul.

Classes everywhere

Can't make it to a private lesson with me or one of my group classes? Don't worry, my virtual service brings your favourite yoga class right into your living room.

A yogi to talk to

If you have a personal question for me, please do not hesitate to write me. I am here to listen to you my yogic friend.

Yoga products featured

Where do I get all the featured products from that I show on the site? I provide you with links and discount codes.

Try it Yourself

Want to lose body fat?

Want to get fit and lean?

Need a challenge?

Get inspired by the mental and physical effects of this workout! Strong body equals an even stronger mind.

This workout will push you to your limit.

Are you ready for it?

Sign up for a 50 minute class in one of Vienna’s districts near your home.

Insanity Workout

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Fun 100%
Yoga classes
Featured section

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