Summer abs instead of winter flab?

Are you sick and tried of being out of shape? Do you want to look your best in a bikini? Is there hardly any time for your yoga routine, let alone going to the gym? Don’t worry! Incorporate those three exercises into your daily yoga routine and you will soon see some nice outlines of abs (in combination with a healthy and well-balanced diet of course).


Navasana or boat pose really works your core. Make sure to keep your back straight and try to balance while slowly extending your legs upwardly. Keep your hands parallel next to your body, extend your arms and relax your gaze. Hold this for 20 seconds and breathe in and out deeply.

Navasana with a twist

Right after holding navasana, bend your knees so that your lower legs build a 90 degree angle. Keep your back straight, bring your hands together in front of your chest and start twisting your upper body from left to middle and from the middle to right and back to the middle again. Repeat this twisting motion 15 times on each side.

side plank

Try to balance on the outer edge of your foot while attempting this pose. Elbows and shoulders should be aligned. You can do this pose on your forearm or on your hand. Always do both sides and hold each side for 30 seconds.


Keep your feet together in chair pose and don’t let the knees surpass the toes. Roll your buttocks inwardly. Engage your core. Stretch out your arms and keep them straight. Hold this pose for up to 30 seconds.

Add those three exercises to your daily yoga routine and your will see some improvements of your core strength quite quickly. You can do it!


And most importantly – keep your inner smile. It is just a yoga pose!

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